Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Busy, Busy

 I have a lot to do now that it is almost August. Classes are resuming, and we only have about a month to enjoy summer. I am just really happy that summer comes every year, and not just once every decade or something. Or else, I would probably fail school. Just kidding. Sort of. 
 Uh, anyways, I have a lot to do, but at least I can still enjoy at the library or park or wherever. Thank goodness for AC and the shops nearby! I hope that all of you enjoy August, and I hope to post real soon, and not just a mini post like this one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beach Day!

 Several days ago, I went to the beach! I just loved the sand, water, and sand and water! :) But the problem was that the tides were really high that day, so I couldn't swim far. And I mean the tides were like really high! 20 feet away from the tides, they were way taller than me! But I had fun, even without getting to swim and just wading. We went for a walk, and that was great since the view was really scenic and all. The best part was that there were only like 10 other people! And the beach was big, so it was like having a private beach! The funniest part was when my family friend started burying me in the sand. LOL! I got buried until my waist. When I got up, it felt like I had 10 pounds of sand on me! What do you guys like to do on the beach?

Friday, July 17, 2015

What Not To Ask Siri

 People ask Siri a lot of things. That is because Siri is pretty cool, right? But did you know that Apple yet has a big bug to fix? If you ask Siri to charge your phone to 100%, do you know what it does? (Don't try it, just read the rest of this post.) It calls the emergency crew! You did not read wrong folks! Siri does call police, etc. when you ask it to charge your phone to 100%, but gives only you 5 seconds to cancel the call!!!!!!! This is highly dangerous. I read this from a website, so please don't try this at home. Here is the link if you would like to find out more

Thursday, July 16, 2015

No more movies!

 The last 3 posts have been all about my movie watching, so I am not going to blog about them for a while. :) I have recently been going to a camp with many things to do like sewing and stuff, and I have been reading Sew Zoey books to inspire me. I am going to type up a book review today for one of the books! I know you guys are missing my book reviews right? Since you are not answering, let me take that as a yes!
 Sorry I haven't posted in 4 days, but I have not been feeling well. As in, I had a fever and coughed every 10 seconds. I feel better today, at least, so hopefully I can get out of the house soon. I just hate being stuck at home when I am sick. Well, I suppose it is better than being stuck in the hospital. Luckily, I only had a light cold for 2 days; nothing hospital worthy. But honestly, how did I end up getting a cold in the summer? 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hilarious Movie

 Guess what? Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Dunston Checks In". It was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! It is about this guy who trains a monkey (Dunston) to steal stuff for him. Once the guy goes in a hotel, Dunston starts stealing. But his master is not very nice, and Dunston doesn't like him, so he runs out of the room. Meanwhile, the 5 star hotel they are staying in is trying to become a 6 star hotel, so a monkey in the hotel does not help. As the manager's 2 kids have their adventures with the monkey, hilarious things happen, and there is an unexpected ending.
 That movie was just so funny, that I could really just not stop laughing. And even though the movie was made in the '90s, it does not seem too old, and the fashion is not really different, sice everything is formal anyway. This movie gets 5 stars from me, and this might sound like a movie review, but watch it if you can. My friend said it is on Netflix, though I am not sure, but you will definitely love it if you find it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Inside out

  Hey everyone! Today my family is gonna go watch a movie! I know I am not really a fan of movies, but we are gonna watch the movie "Inside Out". Have any of you guys seen that movie yet? I hear it is about 6 or 7 characters in peoples' heads that control them, and basically about emotions. Yeah, I know I am not that good at describing things, but I trust that this movie will be good. 
 I really want to watch the movie "Minions", which was released today! Wouldn't it be cool if you could be in the audience of a movie showing the first show ever? I would totally love to be in the audience. Though nothing special is really there, you just know everything before your friends do. LOL. I am just kidding.
 So check out the the new "Save the Earth" section, and don't forget to vote on the poll!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It Is time to Party!!!!!

 Partying has started for me! I just love it! All the friends, food, and fun in one place! Summer parties are especially fun, because it is not cold at all, so dresses can be shown off. :)
 Summer parties are also fun because we can have pool parties!!!!!!
Pool parties are the best! I just love swimming with my friends and eating fruits and other treats. I have not been to a swimming party recently. I hope  I will at least get to go to one. Who else likes pool parties? Maybe I will do a poll about which types of parties are best. What do you guys vote for, summer backyards or the sleek pools?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Back from Camp

 You guys read the title of this post, and that is really all I have to say: I just came back from camp. And for the record, it was not a sleep-away camp or something. It was a day camp. 
  I have been reduced to the point where that is the most important thing going on. Yikes! Okay, I am exaggerating a little. Let me spice up this post with another email.

Subject:craft of the century!!!!
 OMG I discovered a new craft this year, and that is making little adorable animals out of pom-poms! They are tots. adorb! Like, my sister has the kit where you can make any animal by twirling yarn around a fork and cutting. That is actually how to make a cute mini pom-pom, and then u join them all 2gethter and get a cute animal. My favorite craft, and u can tell bcuz I actually spelled the word favorite instead of spelling fave. I mean, who does that in the 21st century. ;)
Check this out. It is called Mini Pom Pom Pets, and it is a Klutz product. Have fun crafting this summer!

BTW, what did you guys think of the new save the earth section?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lots of Posting

 I think you guys should check out my blog every other day from now on because I am posting more than usual. Case in point: 
   I posted on the 1st.
   I posted on the 3rd.
   And now I am posting on the 4th.
:) I think many of you guys know it is 4th of July, and if you happen to be reading this post later, then just go along with it please even if it is the 5th or whatever. Who here is doing a BBQ? Please show a raise of hands. Just kidding. I can't see your hands so keep them on the computer. I am going to a county fair for today so that should be fun. Just don't ask me what it is called because I have no clue. Anyways, I really hope you guys have a fun Fourth of July while you swim, have bbqs, visit relatives, etc. It only comes once a year! And remember to thank those freedom fighters who helped our country be free. YAAAAY! 
P.S. Check out the newest section called Save the Earth!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Movies and the Clique

 Everyone likes a good movie. I mean seriously. Like even if you don't like sitting in a theater in the dark with nothing to do but stare at a screen, you will (I say this confidently) like at least one movie. I really don't like movies because they are really long, but some of them are pretty good. I won't name names, because then I will just start telling about the plot and etc, and this will turn into a movie review post. Which I do not want it to be, as you can tell because I do not like watching very many movies. 
 I do like reading though. I am currently reading the Clique by Lisi Harrison. It is a pretty good series. I won't spoil too much bcuz I want to do a book review on one of the books. Check it out online or something. Don't forget to vote on the poll, and have a great July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heading to Camp!

 Hello everyone! This summer has been crazy busy for me with all my extracurriculars. But I have still managed to squeeze fun into my schedule becuz of my summer camp! It is a pretty good camp with fun activities, but I think I liked it better last year. Maybe it was because it was my first year there or something. I have also noticed patterns like these when I read. Like, the first book in a series is always the best, and quality degrades a bit until you can't take it and stop reading the rest of the books in the series. Except that there are a few exceptions like Divergent, which is really good and the only one I didn't like that much was Four, but everyone has different tastes, right?
  Don't forget to vote on the poll, and I will try to start posting twice a week now! I will also put a book review, so keep waiting and reading.
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