Sunday, March 13, 2016

Keep Calm and ...

 Hey guys. I've been finding a lot of those "Keep Calm and..." phrases, and one of my friends even has one with her name in it! I learned the 1st one said to "Keep Calm and Carry On", which was by the British Government. They were preparing the people for World War 2. 
Anyways, since I've seen so many, I wanted to share my favorites with y'all out there.

Look at cookie monster's face! LOL!

Yummy! No problem!

Sooo calm. 

Well, that's it for today. 
Keep Calm and Read Da Blog!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Clay turtle!

 OMG guys! I found this really, really, really, cute sea turtle that you can make out of clay. Click here for the video I found on youtube (the image is from the video). And the image is so cute, right? I have started making one. Better go finish it...

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