Sunday, August 30, 2015

Crafting Overload!

 Hey everyone! School started for my district, so I have had lots of fun! I can't wait to start writing essays, even though that sounds so weird. I hope you guys have fun in your schools, because honestly, if you don't have fun, school will be fun. So I have heard that if you pretend to be excited, you actually might be. Well, apply the strategy if needed. :) 
Now that summer is over, I have been getting a lot of craft ideas! Ugh! I don't have time now! Sometimes I get mad at my brain. Do you guys get angry too? If you do, then, um, please help me. And if any you guys have craft addictions, please help solve mine! :D

Friday, August 21, 2015


 Hey y'all, what's up! So the thing is, I have not been doing any book reviews recently because I am feeling way too lazy to review. The reason I am writing this is so that I feel guilty whenever I see my home page.  :)
 Anyways, you should be expecting a book review soon, because I read an amazing book! And don't forget to vote on the poll right next to this post. Plus, I hope you guys are excited to start school; mine starts soon and I am excited (!). Although, I don't know if I really should be excited because of the amount of homework I am going to get :( ... maybe there is such a thing as taking too many advanced courses...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Whatever Happened To Clear Vision?

 I am totally mad that my glasses have broken! The whole side frame has fallen off, but the worst part is that my new glasses won't come until a week or so. And I can't even really fix these, because one screw is lost, and the other screw is there but the glasses frame just snapped off! I really wish that I didn't have to use clear tape for now, because I look really funny and it totally shows. Does anybody have any suggestions for me? What should I do in this sticky situation (get it, because the tape is sticky)?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

School Supply Shopping

 Hey everyone! I can't wait for school to start, and I especially can't wait to do some school supply shopping! I just love staring at the aisles and aisles of supplies, in colors from white to black, red to blue! I like choosing my binder, smelling the smell of new crayons, buying fresh pencils with erasers that you can actually see (!), opening notebooks with endless in 50 different colors, feeling erasers that are whole and rubbery, and buying awesome clothes!
Yeah, I mean, clothes aren't really supplies, but they are important none the less! :)
 How many of you guys are excited for school to start? How many of you guys are starting from scratch at a new school? And who likes school supply shopping the most here?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mars One

 Sooooooooo I heard some news yesterday.
About space.
 I don't get the purpose of this. There is not one mall, lake, or other scenic or fun place. There is also no pizza or chips. Plus, you can't see your family ever again! You won't be able to tell anyone what you are seeing besides mission control. I don't know why on earth people would want to go up there. Yeah, it is gonna be pretty cool, but only for about a day at max. There is only so much red rock you can look at. Plus, there are only gonna be 3 other people besides you, and they are total strangers. 
 And yet more than 150,000 people signed up. Of course, only 4 people will go, but still. I just don't get the will to leave everything behind and just go without even knowing if you can breathe for a day or survive without gravity. It might be cool to be famous and live on another planet, because it is only another place or whatever, but is it worth risking your life, never seeing your family, and never coming back from the lonely world of, well, space?
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