Saturday, February 20, 2016

Days of the Week

 Today, I thought of labeling the days of the week as how they really seem like to people. Doesn't Monday seem like a drag? And isn't Friday really the best? I labeled all the days based on their personalities below!

Monday: should be dubbed messy day! Everyone is all over the place, and no one can recover from the loss of the weekend!
Tuesday: Eh, today is more nerve-wracking than annoying. Usually papers come back on Tuesday, and that includes tests and quizzes and stuff. Plus, you now have to start on that project due Friday you've been putting off...
Wednesday: Stuck in the middle! Who's side is this day on? Well, I'll say Wednesday are more of those days you don't really have too much planned out, maybe a bit of studying or whatever, but mostly good!
Thursday: Thursday is really a countdown to Friday. Just one more day! Yay! Actually, you can kind of compare it to Sunday, which are really both countdowns to the next day.
Friday: Yes! Finally, the weekend will start, once school/work gets out! What do we do in the evening, hmm, maybe go eat dinner at a restaurant, or attend a party....
Saturday: Ah, Saturday. Today's totally booked. One word, readers: relaxation. Block your calendars everyone, because we have an emergency case of I've-just-had-a-long-week-so-give-me-some-space!
Sunday: Yup, and now is our last day of enjoying. Time to start that list of chores in time for Monday. No one can really enjoy Sunday because I think everyone's really sad about Monday.
     Well, that's my interpretation of the week. What do you guys think? What's your favorite day of the week?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scientific Names

      Hey everyone! What's up? Today, I'm going to introduce a little bit of science along with our blog post. But don't worry, it's really brief. Many of you guys have seen scientific names of organisms and wondered "what on earth does that mean?" (Or is that just me?) There is actually a really specific meaning to those names.
     The first word, or organism's genus, is given to all organisms that similar and closely related, like all birch plants start with Betula. The second part describes one specific feature of the organism, like if it has thick, red fur. 
     I think these names are totally interesting, don't you? I mean, what if all humans had scientific names? Not homo sapiens, I mean new, individual names! Like, maybe I could be Shristicus blogius, after my last name and blogging. I know it doesn't sound that cool, but I still would want to know. And what would my friends' names be? Hmm....
     What is your scientific name? Comment below. And don't forget: italicize the whole thing, and only capitalize the first letter!
     Oh, and also, I am so sorry that I forgot to put up the craft. I wrote it and published it, but I didn't file it under the category. It's up there now, though, so check it out!
     Keep reading!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

      Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Any big plans? I don't really have anything planned for the evening, maybe just dinner at a restaurant. Next year, I'm totally going to surprise my family. I'll wake up early and decorate a table with little hearts and buy little presents (like gloves and lip balm) for everyone! I got the idea from a book I just read yesterday. Anyone surprised their family yet?
     P.S. I put in a new book review, so check it out!
     P.P.S. I also posted a yummy treat in the Arts and Crafts!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Music time! (Updated with new book review)

 Hey everyone! Before we get onto the real topic of this post, I just want to thank the few people so far who gave some feedback. The ideas were great, so I'm now going to post pictures of the crafts and review The Mother Daughter Book Club series! I would still appreciate more comments on things, and the polls I've been talking about should be up soon! Speaking of which, do you guys have any suggestions for poll topics? Post below! And finally, if you didn't catch my pretty recent post, please scroll down to see it! It talks about the specific areas you want me to add to or improve. 
 Anyways, I've been blogging about this blog so much recently I haven't talked about what's really going on! Today, my school played music at lunch, and when it started, you were supposed to talk to someone new! Pretty cool, although I was a bit nervous. I totally said I wouldn't do it, but then I realized there were a lot of kids who probably ate alone at lunch! Can you imagine spending the best period of school ;) alone? So I decided to at least say hi to a few people. It was good fun and all, especially when everyone just had fun and danced to the music near the end. 
 What is your favorite music? What can get you moving no matter what? Tell me all about it below!
Update: Just updated the jokes, riddles, and puzzles section!
Update 2: Posted a new book review!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


 I'm thinking that to go along with this makeover of the blog, I should take out and add a few new sections. I'd love to hear what you'd like me to keep and which pages I should take out. I might make the polls last more than a week so everyone can get a chance to vote this time (oops), and add a little list of favorites on the sides. Actually, depending on when you're reading this, that last part may be done already! 
 So tell me what you guys think. Should I keep the book reviews, or do something else with books? Add more crafts, and put more stuff under Save The Earth? Update the Jokes, Riddles, and Puzzles section? It's all up to you guys, and I'll try to accommodate everyone's wants! 
Now, there are two ways to do this. One way is to vote on the poll(s) about favorites and (unfavorites). This is really quick, and totally easy, too. I'd really like this one, but if you have any specific requests, this would not be the best way to go. Instead, to the 2nd option and please comment under this post. You can tell me everything, because I'm all ears!
 I'd totally love your feedback, and stay tuned!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


 Surprise! Were you expecting this? The blog has undergone a makeover! Yup! I now have decided to spice things up a bit, and the pink looks really pretty, doesn't it :) ? 
 How do you like it, guys? Tell me below!

Super Bowl Weekend!

 Ah, yes. The time of, well, the week everyone loves: the weekend! Whoo! The only problem: I can never get anything done! I'm not even kidding! Besides homework, I'm really busy with classes and other stuff. And this weekend is ESPECIALLY busy because of the Super Bowl! It's so cool! I'm going to someone's house to watch it, too. I really need to pick up some lingo so I won't be left out ;) . Are any of you guys going to a Super Bowl party? Post in the comments below! Can't wait!
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