Monday, January 21, 2019

Studying Tips

Hello everyone! I know I haven't blogged in quite a while now, because school has been as busy as ever! I kind of feel like I've been studying less, but time is still moving by really fast? Can anyone relate?
Anyways, in my area, we have final exams soon :(. I've been buried under a few (hundred) textbooks and piles of notes for the past few days, but for now, I've resurfaced, ready to share a few last minute tips to ace your next exam! So who's ready to get studying?

  1. Write out a schedule for your studying days. A schedule always makes me feel prepared and motivates me to get started. If you're someone who procrastinates, pull out the fancy pens and get to work!
  2. Make sure to think about which subjects have the most to memorize, and study those a few days before the final only! Don't waste time memorizing your entire history textbook weeks before the final, only to forget everything later. Think realistically - do you need to memorize every fact, or just get an overview of the subject and dive into the details later?
  3. Use Quizlet - but sparingly! I find Quizlet to be useful, but mainly only for vocabulary, as it grades based on if your answer is correct word for word. For memorizing concepts, I like to refer back to my notes instead. I also think that some modes are slightly more useful than others. For example, the Learn mode is very thorough, but it also takes about three times as long as the Write mode. Decide how much time you have, looking at that schedule you made. After all, you're the best judge :).
  4. Take notes on material you might want to come back to again. In case you think you found some important concepts when reviewing, don't forget to jot them down so you remember them.
  5. Try out different study techniques. I found the Pomodoro Technique and tried it out. This style involves alternating between studying for 25 minutes and taking breaks, and it at least helped me feel motivated to study for my math test a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Just get started. Often times, I find that forcing myself to study is the hard part, but once I get serious, studying isn't so bad.
So how's your studying going so far? Or if exams are over, is there anything you wished you would have done differently to prepare? Tell me below!
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