Monday, January 25, 2016

Book series

 Have you guys read The Mother Daughter Book Club? It is actually part of a series, and the 7th book is coming out in May! I am totally excited, and I don't think I can wait that long. The author actually posted a giveaway for the Advanced Reader Copies (3 of them), but unfortunately I didn't find out about it until the giveaway was over! And since May is kind of far away, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's another giveaway!
 It's really funny, but I don't know any other authors who actually do giveaways of their books. But they totally should, because who doesn't want a brand-new book given by the very author of it? I can't imagine how I'd react if I won a giveaway like that!
 Anyways, you guys should totally start reading the series, since you will be able to finish in time the 7th and final book comes out. 
 Keep reading! 
                                                              -Not a Prima Donna Girl
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