Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Anniversary: Year 2!

 Alright! It's been the 2nd year of my blog already :). I've posted about so many topics, from my favorite books to candy to vacation to movies and everything in between! I can't wait to blog in the new year, 2017! Things I have in mind to blog about:

  • More book reviews (and more reading in general). I hear Heather Vogel Frederick's Your's Truly is coming out!
  • More crafts, based on Holidays and just other simple ones. 
  • Candy, food, etc.
  • Vacation and trips
  • Books, books, and more books
  • and more!
 Keep reading next year everyone! And Happy Early New Year in advance (though depending on when you're reading this, it may already be the new year). 
P.S. There's a new joke in the Jokes, Riddles, and Puzzles section.
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Friday, December 23, 2016

Polymer Clay Harry Potter + Others

 Finally, now that it's nearly Christmas and school's out for most, one can relax and not worry about anything. I celebrated by watching a few hours of television yesterday (oops...) and this morning I finally got to bake my clay charms. I usually bake about 20 at a time, but this time, I was baking bigger ones, so I did not get to fit that many. Anyways, I did get all the important ones in the oven, so I've got pictures!

Here's the one I did of (from right to left): Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Luna from Harry Potter. I personally think Hermione came out the best :). However, I did make the mistake of using translucent clay for Harry, Luna, and Ron's skin, which actually comes out a bit green :( .

In honor of Beauty and the Beast, here's Belle. I tried to make the dress look multi-layered, so folded each of the two sections just like I folded Hermione's skirt. I think she looks fabulous, no?

That's all for today! Stay tuned to the Arts and Crafts section for updates based on how I made these characters.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

 I'm not usually very interested in watching movies (to me it seems as a good excuse to waste time looking at a screen for hours), but even I know when to give in. 
 The Disney Beauty and the Beast comes out soon everyone. This rocks! 
  Just in case you don't know the story, you can watch the trailer below, as it is hard to explain without giving spoilers away (especially the ending). 
  You may think this is just another Disney remake, but it's not. Well, okay, it is, but I think it'll actually be really, really good. For one thing, there's Emma Watson in it! She's my favorite actress after all the work she did as Hermione in Harry Potter, and I think she's a perfect Belle. In addition, I think the details are pretty good, and I've heard in other websites that they even developed a bit of a back story for Belle. 
  The movie comes out on March 17th, 2017, so I guess I have a bit of a long wait. But I think it'll worth it! 
  Here's the link to the official trailer on Youtube: Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen any Disney remakes before? (I watched Cinderalla with some friends, I'd say it was okay if you like the story, but nothing too special).
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Ornaments Picture Playlist

 Now that Christmas is on its way, I've decided to put up my tree a bit earlier this year, and along with a tree comes... ornaments! I've made a picture playlist, in no particular order, of ornaments that are pretty cute from Pinterest (all the links provided are from there). I know some people don't celebrate Christmas, but at least they can take part in the joy of the holiday season itself and celebrate the new year coming soon. Enjoy my top five!
1. Image result for cute christmas ornament

Here are Santa and his little friends, and I think they're so adorable. They look fun and easy to make too!

2.Image result for clay ornament

Here's another Pinterest ornament that looks fun to make. Add some paint, and it's good to go.
3. Related image  

Wow, this reindeer  looks ready to deliver your present right away!

4.  Image result for clay ornament

Awww, these two snowmen will look perfectly happy together on your tree! In fact, I encourage you to look at the link, here.

5. Image result for ornament clay

Nothing can go wrong with more snowmen, right? 

Well, those are my top 5 for now. What are your favorite ornaments? 

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