Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Song to Book Match

Hello everyone! I've had this idea in mind for a long time now, which is namely to do a post matching up some awesome songs with their bookish counterparts. Let's begin...

(Covers courtesy of Goodreads!)

1. "Scars To Your Beautiful" (Alessia Cara) with Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Both are about embracing your inner beauty and building your own confidence! Also, I can't resist mentioning any book about chocolate cookies. Yum...

2. "Wolves" (Selena Gomez, Marshmello) with Allegiant (Veronica Roth)


Tris isn't racing to find a person, but to find the truth. She's been running through jungles and much more to finally understand why her world is the way it is.

3. "Solo" (Clean Bandit, Demi Lovato) with Roller Girl (Victoria Jamieson)

Astrid is really on her own now, without her best friend. Now, she's got to go solo as she navigates her way through summer. (Bonus: this one's a graphic novel!)

4. "Try Everything" (Shakira) with Jacky Ha-Ha (James Patterson (author), Chris Grabenstein and Kerasco√ęt for illustrations)

If at first you don't succeed (which happens a lot to Jacky in this book!), try, try again! I love Jacky's growth as a person and a speaker in this book! It's super fun and sweet, and you'll like it as much as Zootopia for sure!

5. "Cheap Thrills" (Sia) with Smart Girls Get What They Want (Sarah Strohmeyer)

The three main protagonists in this novel don't need to go to lavish parties, etc. and are content as long as they're with one another. I love how they're willing to compromise on the fun for now and stick to their goal, because they'll be able to enjoy later in college!

So I hope you enjoyed this song-book match! Any suggestions for songs/books to match up? Tell me below!
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