Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hey guys!

     Indian food won the poll. I think I might do a poll on book types, like which books are better: ones about surviving middle school, nonfiction ones, baking clubs and others, etc. I hope we get a lot of voters on this weeks poll, about yummy cookies!
     I was writing  something for a project, and I was really stuck on what to do, but then suddenly, BING!, a lightbulb pops over my head! Do you guys ever have those moments? I love them. One minute you are moping and scratching your head until all the hair falls out, and the next you are a genius. With regrown hair, I guess. Don't ask me about this hair stuff, though. Trust me, my hair advice is not the best. But my candy advice is. ALMOND ROCA is what I say. SOOOOOOO good! Almond Roca is a butter-crunch hard toffee covered with chocolate and shreds of almonds. My mom cuts it for me since my braces would probably fall off since the candy is like rock. Tasty rock. Eww. That sounds gross. Hey, I think I know why they named it Almond Roca, because it is as hard as a rock! Rock, roca, get it?
     Anyway, I hope you guys have an outstanding next week, and I will post soon! Oh, and there should be a new book review coming up! Hang in there, readers!
                                                                      -Not A Prima Donna Girl

Monday, March 9, 2015

What's in the Kitchen?

     I love baking cookies and cakes and cupcakes and pretty much everything imaginable! That's why we baked sugar cookies on the 1st. Okay, I'll confess, I love licking the spoon a little more than I like to stir the batter. How many of you guys do too? Okay, maybe I am the only one out there. Never mind.
     I also like making little chocolates out of those chocolate melts and wrappers. It is pretty easy to melt the chocolate: microwave it in a bowl. Then you use spoons to pour it in the cups. After freezing, it is feast time! Last year, I made white and dark chocolates swirled together. Soooooo good. Do you guys have any tasty treats you love to make? I know one of my friends who does. She is the closest resemblance to a really good baker, and makes all kinds of treats. They look so good!
     Anyway, don't forget to vote in this week's poll (fashion show won last week btw), check out the update on the jokes, riddles, and puzzles section, and have a fun week!
                                                                     -Not A Prima Donna Girl
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