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Hi, I'm Nushu! (Well, technically, this is a sort of pseudonym because I don't want to claim responsibility for this mess of a blog). Just kidding, I love my blog ;).
A little about me, if you're curious. I'm a teen blogger who loves to read, write, craft, and spend time with my birds. I have two very naughty parakeets who have absolutely no chill and will rip up anything I give them, including my heart. But they're so cute and are pretty much the boss of me so I obey them.
On the art side, I like to work with polymer clay, am not good at neither painting nor sketching, but can draw an excellent stick figure! On the sports side, I'm pretty shabby, but I'm still very competitive whenever I do play.
My favorite subject, despite my love of reading, is actually math! Surprised?
In my spare time, you'll probably find me reading in awkward positions or watching Friends (the best show of all time) if I can find it now that Netflix is removing it :(. 
I started blogging when I was in elementary school, but I kept my blog very private and open to close friends. It was mainly about my life and interesting things I found here an there. Now, I've expanded this into more of a book blog, and decided to share my thoughts with others :). Hence, please ignore the very cringey posts from 2014 ðŸ˜‚.
I came up with the name back when I first started this blog. I'm not sure where I heard the words "Prima Donna" from, but I liked the sound of it. I named my blog Not A Prima Donna Girl because no one's perfect, especially me!

I hope you'll enjoy checking out my blog. Please follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram (links in the sidebar) to support my content, and add me as a friend on Goodreads! I hope to see you back soon! <3

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