Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Break!

 Hey everyone! The holiday break has just begun, and I am really enjoying the fact that I don't need to wake up early, do homework, or study for tests. Winter break is utter peace, just like summer. I wish that there was winter break every month. How awesome would that be?
 Nothing much going on around here. I'm wondering what to ask for for Christmas. I probably will ask for a few books or something, but if anyone has any recommendations, post in the comments below!
 Anyone going out to the snow? I'm not, but it would be totally fun to ski or snowboard or something. Although, I am not so good at skiing. You know, the worst part is when you have to trudge up the hill again in your skis. Talk about exhausting! But I think that it is still a great sport, especially when I can do it at times without falling :) .
 I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas break! And an early happy new year, although I plan to post once more before then! Make sure to vote on the poll, too. 
                                                                      -Not a Prima Donna Girl

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