Tuesday, November 19, 2019

My Baking Disasters

I originally planned to post some aesthetic photos of me baking and whipping up yummy treats, but I realized that 1) I have 0 skill and 2) I have 0 ingredients. So instead, this holiday season y'all will be getting horror stories about my baking :). Enjoy!

Horror Story 1:
As mentioned above, I planned to share a nice dessert recipe with y'all for today's post. Then I realized I only had a couple of ingredients, and no flour, so I had to use our Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. Still, I was persistent and wanted to find something creative to do.

Unfortunately, I ended up being too creative. I baked the cookie in one giant cake pan, and decided to put some cream cheese frosting, a raspberry, and a mint leaf on top. Except we didn't have any cream cheese frosting, and honestly, cream cheese frosting looks pretty similar to cream cheese. So (you guessed it), I just put some cream cheese on the cookie cake. We also didn't have mint (but we did have about 10 other herbs), so I substituted basil for it.

The end result...looks good but tastes horrible!
I have to admit, this was not all a waste! I did learn some interesting mathematical relationships, namely:

cream cheese ≠ cream cheese frosting
basil ≠ mint
my mouth = disgusted

Horror Story 2:
As mentioned above, we rarely have baking ingredients at home, so I'm usually improvising. This was also really useful when I decided to make mug cakes, because you only need a couple of teaspoons of flour to make a delicious dessert. Or so I thought.

The first mug cake turned out great! In fact, I posted about it (and the recipe) here years ago. But the rest were a disaster. My substitutions (apple sauce for egg, cocoa powder for Nesquik, and other more crazy ones) just didn't work. Also I always overmicrowaved them, but nothing even ended up cooked! In fact, in history class we learned about the crusades, and how the first one was a success and the next ones failed...and it was pretty much like that with my mug cakes. 

What are your baking plans for the holiday season? Are you a skilled baker or a disaster in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Ha ha :) nice horror stories. I guess, everyone experience'em at some point of their life. These are the ones which make us pro in future. love the post. Keep'em coming.

  2. LOL, I love this post. I've made some baking disasters in my day as well. Once I mistook paprika for cinnamon and put it into a sweet dish. It is not a delicious substitute for that spice and do not recommend trying it. :D


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