Monday, July 10, 2017

Pebble Art

Pebble art, also known as stone/rock art, is an easy way to have some fun with one of nature's most common items: rocks. There are so many ways that you can use rocks in art. You can add them to a painting, paint right on them, or create a scene with them. Today I'll be featuring the last idea. Here's how I turned this:

Into this:

Here's a mother and daughter hugging on a bridge that leads to the ocean. In addition to the people themselves, the moon is also made from a pebble.
Items needed:
  • rocks, stones, and/or pebbles
  • paper
  • paint and paintbrushes (optional)

    Step one: Gather your stones/rocks/pebbles.
    Get many sizes, and the flatter the better! Paper and bumpy rocks do not stick well together.
    Step two: Plan out your scene and the rocks' layout.
    Trust me, the scene above would seem like an easy scene to plan out, except I toyed with the pebbles for nearly an hour before coming up with it. Then I spent more time thinking if I should use an arm for the daughter and if I should paint the moon, both VERY important details to me.
    Step three: Paint the stones and background if needed.
    I've seen so many pictures of stone art without any background colors, making them more powerful. I decided to go with color because I wanted to paint the moon white, and a white moon on white paper wouldn't look so nice.
    Step four: Glue down your pebbles.
    I needed to make sure the glue stayed on the rocks, because I didn't have hot glue. I just brushed a lot of it on the flat backsides of the rocks, and they stayed put (miraculously).

That's all you need to do! In four steps, you can create simple, yet beautiful, pieces of art! What types of pebble art have you done? Do you want to try out pebble art soon?

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