Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Taking Inventory

Whenever I go school supply shopping, I never know how much stuff to buy! I always forget how many notebooks, binders, etc. I used last year. So this year, I'm not going to let that happen!
I decided to take inventory of my school supplies now that the school year is over. I was curious to see if my estimates at the beginning of last year were accurate, and how well my supplies lasted me throughout the year (hint: they didn't last very long). Hopefully, next time you shop, you can use this data to your advantage :).

    Warning: though school is out, I'm still using math ;).

Binder Paper: 5 sheets left/200 bought before school started (but I did borrow many sheets from friends and ripped pages out of my notebook...) = 2.5%
Pencils: 3/27 left (but I bought led at the end of May, so again, they would have run out earlier)= 11%
Notebooks: 9/4 notebooks left/in use (I started out with 4, but ended up having to buy 5 more) = 225%
And since we love statistics, I broke notebooks down even further by subject: History, 2 notebooks; Math, 5 notebooks (!!!); Language, 1 notebook; English: 1 notebook
Sorry for the low quality, Blogger is having issues...
Binders: 1/1 left (yay, it's not even that damaged!) = 100%
Erasers: 5/1 left (technically, I started out with 1 eraser, but I acquired 4 more throughout the year and now I only have one 😢) = 500%
Rulers: 1/2 currently in use (interestingly, I've had this ruler since 3rd grade) = 50%
Protractor/Compass set: 0/1 left (I mean, I think it's somewhere in my room, but I can't really find it and I don't really use it...) = 0%

It turns out that the only accurate prediction was for the binder! As for the rest of the supplies, I had either extra or I had to not enough and went out and bought more. Or I just lost them. Oops.

Anyways, how many of your supplies do you have left? Are you usually left without any pencils by the end of the school year? Tell me below!


  1. I'm usually left with no more binder paper at the end of the year and I end up having to rip sheets from my notebooks :)


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