What the Moon Said by Gayle Rosengren

                       What the Moon Said by Gayle Rosengren

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Amazon Synopsis: Fans of the Little House books will fall in love with Esther.
Thanks to her superstitious mother, Esther knows some tricks for avoiding bad luck: toss salt over your left shoulder, never button your shirt crooked, and avoid black cats. But even luck can't keep her family safe from the Great Depression. When Pa loses his job, Esther's family leaves their comfy Chicago life behind for a farm in Wisconsin.
Living on a farm comes with lots of hard work, but that means there are plenty of opportunities for Esther to show her mother how helpful she can be. She loves all of the farm animals (except the mean geese) and even better makes a fast friend in lively Bethany. But then Ma sees a sign that Esther just knows is wrong. If believing a superstition makes you miserable, how can that be good luck?
Debut author Gayle Rosengren brings the past to life in this extraordinary, hopeful story.     

My Review: Most people would be wondering why I would read a book about a 10 year old girl. But I say, the age doesn't matter, not in this book. Because if the girl were older, this book would not be half as fun. Besides, Esther turns 11 in a few days by the end of this book. This book was really fun because Esther is a fun, fiesty girl. She pretends things in her head, and makes one special friend, Bethany. And she has her most precious treasure: Margaret, a gift from her 2 oldest sisters. I like that she doesn't complain too much, at least not for things she doesn't have a right to complain about. Plus, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and doesn't particularly care if she is on a farm or in an apartment. All she really wants is love from her family. She is selfless, too. All these qualities in this girl make the book special.
     So anyway, this book is about Esther adjusting to her life when she moves, and it captures most of the kids' reactions to the Great Depression. I think the best part was when Esther realized her mothers love, and that love is not divided, but multiplied. And the part where Esther's mom tells her not to be friends with another girl, and Esther is sad, is the most important part. Plus, when the father does something to the family possession, I really was surprised. I think this book deserves 4+ stars. It captures emotion, is similar to real life, and it reflects the mind of a 9 year old girl perfectly. Yay Gayle Rosengren!

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